Patient Code of Conduct

The mission and purpose of the Fannin Health Clinic is to provide free health care
services to low-income uninsured adults residing in Fannin County. The clinic’s
mission includes meeting emotional and spiritual needs of its patients as well,
promoting the healing of body and soul. All services at the clinic are provided by
volunteers who support this mission. Therefore, it is expected that any individual
attending the clinic or engaging in written or verbal communication with clinic
volunteers demonstrate civility. All volunteers are expected to be treated with
respect and any inappropriate interactions are unacceptable and will not be

Any individual engaging in inappropriate or threatening behavior at the Fannin
Health Clinic or a healthcare provider rendering services as an associate of Fannin
Health Clinic may be requested to leave the premises and will not be permitted to
return. This behavior extends to any online platform utilized by this agency
including text messages and social media. These inappropriate behaviors include
profane, racist, or culturally offensive remarks as well as loud talk, excessive
noises, and other disruptive behaviors that interfere with the preservation of a
healing environment.

Violation of this Patient Code of Conduct may result in the permanent dismissal
from care and services provided by Fannin Health Clinic. Such determination will
be made by the Fannin Health Clinic Board of Directors and if needed, subsequent
steps will be taken in conjunction with local authorities to ensure the safety and
well-being of all associated with the Clinic.

Approved 9/12/2022